"Antoniadis Electronics - Educational Ltd" is perhaps the largest Center of Educational and Handicraft Material in Cyprus.

It is the only company in Cyprus which deals with the provision of educational material, appropriate for teaching and learning important subjects of the content of studies in Kindergartens, Primary, Secondary, High Schools, Technical Schools, Colleges and Universities, both in the Public and Private sectors.

In the new shop, which is located on 12 Kilkis Avenue, in Latsia, you will find supervisory means of teaching, especially for lessons of:

  •          Design & Technology, Electronics
  •          Mathematics
  •          Science (Physics, Biology, Science, Geography, Chemistry)

Moreover, you will find more means of teaching, which could be helpful, as well as equipment related to technology in education, such as interactive boards and educational software!

In addition, the variety of products has been extended to handicraft and construction,tools and types of welding, which assist not only the educational needs but also the needs of professionals and amateurs.

In conclusion, the company provides different innovative ideas on building and experiment packages that appeal to children (and not only!) who have the talent, will and desire to engage in such constructions and experiments.

The main purpose of the company is to provide high-quality services, as well as branded products, quality-tested, modern and identified with new technologies. Furthermore, our mission is the understanding and offering the best solutions for our customers’ needs.



The company was founded in 1985 in a very small space on Ippokratous street (Ledra street) in Nicosia. The first main activity was the trading of electrical and electronic components and microsystems.

The first imports of electronic constructions (KITS) came from Greece. The collaboration with Smart Electronics was the trigger for the subsequent career of the company and its involvement in the education sector.

Following the introduction of the "Design & Technology" course in schools,the provision of materials and equipment for the organization and conduct of the course, for the Ministry of Education and the schools directly was necessary. As a result, the company turned particularly to the European market, to find educational material suitable for the teaching of this specific subject.

Throughout the years, following the requirements and developments in the field of education, the company has increased its range of products and has expanded its activities to equipment for other subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Art etc. ,as well as for Special Education.


In 2002 it moved to a larger, proprietary store on Iphigeneia Street in Acropolis. At the same time, its engagement with general electrical and electronic components and devices was virtually abandoned, expanding its range of products into more educational material.

2012 is an important year for the development of the company as the "Antoniadis Electronics-Educational Ltd" was transforming and evolving. A new logo was designed inspired by the company’s main areas of business. Moreover, the slogan "turn knowledge into creation" states that knowledge can also be transmitted through creation.

Following the new data and the progress of technology, the company moved in new ways of communication. The creation and operation of thewebsite, www.antoniadis.com.cy , in the same year were important steps in its further development. In addition, the presence on social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest) gives to the company the opportunity to get in touch with its clients for information, but also for organizing competitions and other activities.

Since the autumn of 2013, the company has set up its own Creative Employment Workshop! The purpose of the workshop is to get acquainted with various materials and tools, to learn different techniques, and to create handicraft constructions. Over the years, and through the continuous improvement of the services provided by the Creativity Workshop, in November 2016, the company's blog (www.antoniadis.blog) was established. In the blog anyone can search for news and information about the seminars organized in the workshop, ideas and suggestions for constructions and also instructions with simple stepson how to carry out various techniques.

The continuous development of the work, as well as the progress in technology, leads the company to its further success. In the summer of 2018 the existing website is transformed into a modern and user-friendly online store (e-shop) and now its customers can make their purchases online, thus facilitating the process of purchasing the products.

Finally, as the most recent and biggest part of its success, in the autumn of 2018 the company is moving to a new larger store of 300 sq.m. at Kilkis Avenue in Latsia, remaining committed to meeting the needs of the education market.

An effort to achieve only the best is ongoing so that the future will always be brighter and better!


‘We turn knowledge into creation’